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I take a feminist and solution-focused approach to therapy that integrates all aspects of your identity, cultural background, and life experiences. I firmly believe that for any change, solution, or strategy to be effective, we must generate it collaboratively. I believe change is constantly happening, and our job in counseling is to harness that change in the direction that helps you attain your goals. I also believe that it is important to continuously monitor our progress towards your goals and to adjust our work accordingly. I integrate CBT, DBT, ACT, and other evidence-based approaches into my work as relevant to your needs.

My training…

I received my PhD in Counseling Psychology from Lehigh University (APA Accredited) in 2009. I completed my pre- and post-doctoral training at Counseling and Psychological Services at UC Berkeley. I also completed training at Kutztown University and Lafayette College’s Counseling Centers. I became licensed to practice in CA in 2010, became a national register health service provider in psychology in 2012, and licensed in NV in 2021.

Professionally engaged…

I am highly involved in the wider professional community of psychology. In addition to my practice, I am a full-time associate professor of counseling at San Francisco State University. I am also actively involved in several national and regional psychological organizations and am a frequent presenter on topics such as LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy, Social Justice in Counseling, and Supervision and Training issues at national conferences. I also served for 10 years as a volunteer supervisor and trainer for The Pacific Center for Human Growth, a queer community mental health center that provides sliding-scale therapy to foster the well-being of the LGBTQ community. What this means for you is that I am committed to learning the most innovative approaches in our field and I take time to learn and integrate the most recent research. You can read more about my work outside of providing therapeutic services in the scholarship section of this site.